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About Us

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The organisation works to improve the quality of the environment and life for individuals and communities through gardening and sustainable environmental projects. Potential benefits range from increased physical fitness, interaction with others and feeling calmer and more relaxed. Whether you’re an avid gardener or have no experience at all, we bring people together to share skills, ideas, tools, knowledge and a cup of tea.

We are developing different ecosystems at our Marlpit site to enhance the biodiversity and resilience of the environment supporting our ability to grow food, herbs, trees and a broad range of non-edible plants. From its origins as a horse paddock we aim to regenerate the soil by applying different approaches including No Dig and permaculture, with extensive composting to minimise waste of natural resources.

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We produce honey, a variety of fruits and are actively developing wetland areas and a forest garden to encourage nature recovery while exploring food resilience. More information on our work in these different ecosystems will be available soon. We encourage researchers to get involved in studying the development of this very special biome on the edge of the city of Norwich.

There are activities to suit everyone, from fruit picking to beekeeping, gardening and land care to cooking shared lunches.  SLI is a forum for discussion, sharing ideas and skills and initiating collaborative action in the community for growing food and practical gardening training. For more information about SLI, please click here.

Visit Get involved for more about membership and volunteering.

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