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Growing Vegetables


Part 1

In this session we talk about how to sow vegetable seeds and plant ready-to-go-out seedlings.


Part 2

In this session we talk about how to protect plants from birds and how to make plant support using our own coppiced products.

Growing vegetables

Weeding, earthing, mulching and watering


Early plant care

In this session we talk about weeding, earthing, mulching and watering your small plants. 


Planting seeds in pots and modules


Sowing seeds

In this session we show how to plant seeds in small seed pots (or modules), and the method for separating them (pricking out) into larger pots once they have germinated. Small and larger seeds need different treatment to help them grow happy and healthy. 

Planting seeds

Top tips! Harvesting your unusual and usual vegetables


Harvesting vegetables - Part 1

In this session we show how to harvest and use unusual and usual vegetables Watch the video for some top tips on chard, basil, spinach and more.

Harvesting vegetables - Part 2

In this session we talk about how to thin your growing veggies, and how to harvest and store onions.

The Four Beans - harvesting and top tips


Four beans

In this session we show four beans we've been growing at SLI, with some top tips on harvesting, cooking and how we can easily build the kinds of structures they like to climb up.


Bees at Marlpit Community Garden


Bees at Marlpit

Take a look inside one of the hives and learn more about the lovely bees that pollinate our fruit and vegetables at Marlpit. You're pretty much guaranteed to learn something you didn't know about our bees' social lives and how we can know they are healthy and happy. 


Growing from cuttings and saving tomato seeds

Cuttings and seeds

In this session we show how to take semi-ripe cuttings from your plants and how to dry and save seeds from your tastiest tomatoes so you can get a good crop in the next years. 


Composting and planning our plots

Planning and composting

In this session we talk about planning your growing, and show how to use the compost at Marlpit and Bluebell for our veggies' delight, and a few of the green manures we can try on our plots as well. 

Growing and pruning

Growing and pruning soft fruit and tree fruit


Growing and pruning notes

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