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Bluebell South Allotments

Where are we?

Bluebell South Allotments (off The Avenues), NR4 7DP - map below

When can you find us?

Sundays and Wednesday from 10am-1pm 

Volunteer day and Food-share: first Sunday of each month

How much is plot rent?

£25 per year, including membership, for your first plot, £20 for each additional plots (max. number of plots is 3).

Raised boxes available for £12, including membership, £9 for additional box (max. number of boxes is 2).

The trustees have the discretion to reduce the fees in the case of hardship.

Key deposit £10  that gives you all time access to your plot.

Membership is from October to September.

How do I apply?

Please contact us by email: or by completing the contact form or come and speak to us Bluebell South allotments (first Sunday of the month, between 10 AM to 1 PM).

Further information

Bluebell South allotments are just off The Avenues and was where the grow-our-own initiative began (GO2). Currently, there are about 80 members of all ages and many different nationalities and backgrounds. Many members have been in GO2 Bluebell for years, enjoying both the challenge of growing fresh, organic vegetables, and the friendly social side.

It is expected that as a member, you give at least three days worth of help a year towards managing GO2 Bluebell and maintaining communal facilities. When you join, you will be asked to agree to the terms by signing the member’s agreement form.  All emails to you will come from our email address only. 

You are responsible for looking after your plot and keeping the paths around your plot tidy. You will receive a monthly e-newsletter which contains information about what plants are available, growing advice, recipes, and events.


There is a communal work morning on the first Sunday of the month followed by a food-sharing lunch which is a great opportunity to meet everyone and share ideas, knowledge and a delicious lunch.

Bluebell South Allotments, The Avenues, Norwich, NR4 7DP

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